Grow Affinity with Your Customers

4 Key Factors to Build Affinity and Drive Sales

Minimizing costs is a logical approach to running your small business. At the same time, skimping on marketing and promotion is not a successful strategy. The sweet spot—where you can minimize costs and still promote your business successfully—is investing your marketing dollars on efforts that will provide the greatest return on your investment.

A common sticking point among small business owners is how to effectively and efficiently communicate and build affinity with a target audience. We’ve identified four key factors that help build relationships with your customers and drive sales:

1. Aesthetics
A polished, professional look—from your logo to signage, brochures, and website—attracts attention, cutting through the clutter of advertising bombardments and getting you noticed by your target audience. Your aesthetics prime each customer to receive your brand promise, and should form an instant, positive bond.

2. Information valuable to your customers
Don’t forget: it’s not about you, it’s about what your target audience considers valuable. Provide information they can’t find elsewhere, or present it in a unique way that is easy to grasp and adds value.

3. Good user interface design
It’s not enough to provide a website: your website must be intuitive for your target audience to use. It doesn’t matter if you understand how to use your site if your customers can’t easily access what they need. Studies show that poor user interface design breeds confusion, frustration, and abandonment.

4. Regular communication
Consistently communicate with your target audience however your customers would like to receive information. Do they prefer direct mail? Email? Or do they keep up with your latest information via social media and blog posts? Be sure your customers can access information about your products or services, regardless of the media they choose. And be sure to offer information they find valuable.

If you’re currently struggling and may have attempted to skimp on marketing and promotion in hopes of saving money, consider that a strategic investment in these areas may be what you need to finally boost sales—the sky is the limit!

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