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(The Value In) Great Expectations

In a previous Monday Muster’d post we talked about four key factors that help build relationships with your customers and drive sales. Today we discuss what it means to provide valuable information online.

When you developed your business plan, you determined a unique product or service you could provide customers that would add value—after all, a business without value won’t last long.

Your website may or may not have factored into that initial value equation. It may have been a key component of how you envisioned reaching your client base, or it may have fallen into the “necessary evil” category, something required while you had your business to run.

In a perfect (and perfectly attainable) world, your website should operate as a reflection and extension of your business. As tempting as it might be to settle for re-purposing a brochure or other marketing materials to serve as website content, think again:

  • What are your customers looking for when they visit your business online?
  • Is your website an extension of the same expertise and value you offer in other facets of your business?
  • How can you go above and beyond your customers’ expectations?
  • What do you offer your customers for going to the trouble of visiting your site—and what do you gain in return?

“Valuable” content truly is in the eye of your customers. Even though you may be the heart and soul of your business, if you remember that valuable content isn’t about you (or what’s most easily accessible), you’ll realize the value of your online investment.

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