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In a previous Monday Muster’d post we talked about four key factors that help build relationships with your customers and drive sales. This week we explore communicating with your customers and providing them valuable information.

Who you are as a small business, and what you do, has value—or your business simply wouldn’t be here.

Sharing the value of your product or service is critical to ensure your business stays here. And regular communication with your customers and potential customers builds relationships that ensure your success.

Your website is an invaluable means of communicating to your target audience, and the information your customers want and need should always be easily accessible. But building relationships requires interaction and dialog, and your website alone can’t do it well.

You need to reach your audience where they are, and how they prefer. Sending smoke signals is only effective if your customers are on the lookout. And it’s convenient. And they understand and appreciate smoke signals.

The same holds true for direct marketing and email and online ads and blog posts and social media:

  • Do your customers and potential customers toss “junk mail” straight into the recycling bin, or are they looking for a great deal?
  • Are they overwhelmed by another email in their inbox, or will a snappy subject line catch their attention?
  • Do your customers shop or research online, and might they click on an ad?
  • Will regular blog posts go unnoticed, or are your customers eagerly anticipating more of your expertise?
  • Are they active on Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Instagram?

Search as you might, there’s no silver bullet; to communicate effectively you must test and experiment and interact with your audience to find out what they want. But the returns are great, and help ensure you’ll be in business for years to come.

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