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Rules of Engagement (Marketing)

engagement, n. \en-gāj-ment\
engage engagement marketing

Marketing used to be something of a one-way street: manufacturer offers product, customer purchases product. Service provider offers service, customer pays for rendering of service.

Just as the Internet continues to change how we interact personally, it also has provided communication tools to businesses. Enter engagement marketing. The practice lives up to its name, allowing a business to stay connected—or engaged—with its customers using marketing to facilitate a two-way conversation.

You can participate via forms on your website and email marketing campaigns that encourage your customers to talk with you. And don’t overlook your company Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest—and whatever is next to make its way down the digital pike. The key is to ask questions of your customers, and respond to their posts and inquiries, like you would if they were asked in person.

Listening to what your customers and potential customers have to say can directly affect your bottom line. It provides you an opportunity to keep your ear to the rail, updating your products and services to best meet your customers’ needs.

Engagement marketing also enables your customers to market for you, sharing their reviews and recommendations with an online community of friends, neighbors, family, acquaintances, and business associates.

Of course, engagement marketing also amplifies negative responses from your company and negative reviews from your customers, so keeping your cool and ensuring your customers are satisfied is that much more important. If you don’t, there’s a competitor that will.

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