WordPress Tutorial - Master WordPress articles, themes, plugins, more

WordPress Tutorial – How to Use WordPress Website Themes, Plugins, and more

This WordPress tutorial is easy to follow with illustrations and simple explanations. You can now master WordPress quickly and effortlessly.

We have broken down this how-to tutorial into several sections. Jump to the section that most interests you, or go through them all from start to finish.

WordPress tutorial contents

What is WordPress?

WordPress is free software you can use to build powerful and beautiful websites.

It started out as blog software, used to build a blog website and publish posts. But it has evolved into a full-featured robust content management system (CMS).

“Content management system” is just a fancy way of saying that it makes it easy for non-programmers to manage the content — text, images, etc. — on their websites.

In other words, even if you’re not a programmer, you can easily build web pages, create and edit text on those pages, and add images.

How do I start using WordPress?

To use WordPress for your business website, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for WordPress website hosting
  2. Install WordPress in your web hosting account
  3. Configure the basic settings in WordPress
  4. Select a “theme” (template) for the appearance of your website
  5. Install any plugins you will need for your website
  6. Build your website pages
  7. Post blog articles (if you want to include a blog on your website)
  8. Maintain your website and keep it updated

Each of these steps is clearly explained in detail below.

What is website hosting?

A website needs to be accessible to users on the internet.

Building a website on your own computer doesn’t make it accessible to the outside world.

Your website needs to be installed on a special publicly-accessible computer with sufficient processing power to handle a high volume of traffic and connected to the internet via a high-bandwidth connection. This computer is called a “web server” because it serves out web pages to user’s computers across the internet.

Renting out space and bandwidth on a web server is called “website hosting,” and it’s a critical component of your online presence.

Some web servers are configured to be optimized for running WordPress websites. This optimization makes WordPress websites run faster and smoother, creating a better user experience for your website visitors. It also tends to boost your WordPress website’s ranking in search engines (which means more website traffic for you).

Get more information about WordPress website hosting.

How do I install WordPress?

There are two main ways to install WordPress on your web server:

  1. Automated through cPanel
  2. Manually

Many website hosting plans come with cPanel, which is a web hosting control panel. If your hosting plan has cPanel it’s likely you will have access to a software auto installer.

Two common auto installers are Softaculous and Fantastico. There are others as well.

Check in the “Software and Services” section of cPanel to see if your web host provides you with an auto installer. If so, you can use it to automatically install WordPress for you.

WordPress Tutorial: Softaculous in cPanel

If your web host doesn’t use cPanel, or doesn’t provide an auto installer in cPanel, you will need to install WordPress manually. WordPress provides detailed instructions for manually installing WordPress on their website.

You can also hire a WordPress expert or web developer to install it for you. For example, we offer a WordPress installation and configuration service.

How do I configure WordPress?

Coming soon…

How to install a WordPress theme

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How to install a WordPress plugin

Coming soon…

How do I post an article on WordPress?

For more details, see How to Post an Article in WordPress.

Additional WordPress tutorial topics

If you have questions about WordPress that aren’t covered in the above WordPress tutorial, please post in the comments below.

We’ll answer your questions in the comments, and add your topics to the lessons above for other people who may have similar questions.

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