Engage customers and prospects with email marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most valuable tools your business has for spreading the word about your products and services, keeping your customer base engaged and interested, and encouraging people on your mailing list to keep buying from you on a regular basis.

Studies have shown that for every dollar you spend on creating and sending emails to your mailing list, you can earn up to $44 in return (that’s a potential 4300% return on investment!). If your budget only allows for one type of marketing for your business, it’s highly recommended to spend it on email marketing.

(If you don’t have a mailing list yet, consider our email list building services.)

Select the email marketing service you need:

Deluxe Email


Perfect for you if you need an automated high-converting sales email series

Automated series of up to 16 coordinated emails

Professional copywriting

Layout and formatting

Setup in MailChimp/Drip/Aweber

Basic Email


Perfect for you if you have your own content and just need someone to handle technical stuff

Single email broadcast

You provide the content

Layout and formatting

Setup in MailChimp/Drip/Aweber

Copywriting service available for $57/hr

50% deposit required to begin project for Deluxe and Standard (Basic requires full payment upfront).