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The Ingredients of Marketing

Marketing vs. Selling

Selling does not equal marketing. And, if your business is going to succeed, you NEED marketing. It isn’t always easy or straightforward. How do you do it, and do it well, to build relationships with your customers and maximize potential profits? Read on… Read More...
Return on investment

Reaping the Marketing You Sow

What kind of return have you received from your online investment? Before you grab your balance sheet, think again: if your ROI looks unfavorable, you might be doing it wrong. Read more now… Read More...
Target Audience

Ready, aim, sell!

Part of growing your business is building your customer base and increasing sales. But how can you identify the potential customers most likely to buy what you’re selling? Read More...
Branding Cows

Branding: It’s Not Just for Cattle

What’s branding to a small business? It’s much more than a logo—or, for that matter, a hot iron on a side of beef. How can you build a successful brand that also builds relationships with consumers? Read more to find out! Read More...
Peter Havranek
Founder and CEO

For over 20 years Peter has run magIMPACT, a digital marketing firm that specializes in providing expertise and resources to independent business owners.

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