Feature: Monday Muster’d

Man signaling with semaphore flags

You talkin’ to me?

Who you are as a small business, and what you do, has value—or your business simply wouldn’t be here. Sharing the value of your product or service is critical to ensure your business stays here. And regular communication with your customers and potential customers builds relationships that ensure your success. Read More...
A large garden maze

No Bread Crumbs Required

If your website is difficult to navigate—leaving your customers feeling like they need a trail of virtual bread crumbs to find what they need—they may leave feeling confused and frustrated. Learn how to build a website that adds value and ensures a return on your online investment. Read More...
Pieces of gold

(The Value In) Great Expectations

In a perfect (and perfectly attainable) world, your website should operate as a reflection and extension of your business. As tempting as it might be to settle for re-purposing a brochure or other marketing materials to serve as website content, think again: your customers expect—and deserve—more. Read on… Read More...
The Golden Gate Bridge

Aesthetically Speaking… About Your Business

Artists and philosophers throughout the centuries have studied art in its various forms to discover what evokes a thoughtful or emotional response. Your company’s logo, and other ways you communicate your brand, need not be museum-worthy, but it’s definitely in your best interest to consider how it “speaks” to your customers. Read More...
Sales Growth for Small Business

Small Business, Big Ecommerce Opportunity

Can your small business compete against industry leaders in ecommerce? You’d be surprised: it’s not always about lowest price, it’s about value. Learn more about what today’s customers need and want from you. Read More...
Grow Affinity with Your Customers

4 Key Factors to Build Affinity and Drive Sales

Minimizing costs is a logical approach to running your small business. At the same time, skimping on marketing and promotion is not a successful strategy. How do you find the sweet spot—where you can minimize costs and still promote your business successfully? Learn more… Read More...
Empty Lighthouse

When the lights are on, but nobody’s home

Yes, your business has a website. But just as technology changes, your customers’ expectations change. If it’s been a while since your site received a little TLC, it may not be meeting your customers’ needs. Find out how you can put your website to work for you again. Read More...
Peter Havranek
Founder and CEO

For over 20 years Peter has run magIMPACT, a digital marketing firm that specializes in providing expertise and resources to independent business owners.

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