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At magIMPACT, we understand that your website and online presence is an extension of your business.

A website shouldn’t be just an elaborate online brochure.

It should actually be doing the work of competent marketing personnel and a skilled sales staff. This includes handling responsibilities such as…

  • Attracting high-quality prospects to your business
  • Capturing contact information of qualified leads
  • Nurturing potential customers, transforming them into hot prospects
  • Closing sales and taking orders
  • Providing valuable resources and services to your customers

And it should be doing all this with a visual look and emotional expression that captures the essence of your brand and makes your company’s personality shine through.

With magIMPACT, you have at your disposal all the artistic, strategic and technical specialties that coordinate together into beautiful designs and highly effective websites — websites that actually get results.

Consider these advantages you gain by availing yourself of our skilled and talented professionals…

Beautiful design work that wows your customers

Aesthetics provide the visual and emotional impact that attracts website visitors and entices them to stick around and interact with your business.

A beautiful website that projects your brand personality in an engaging manner triggers positive feelings about your company.

This leads to prospects and customers feeling good about associating with your brand – and doing business with you.

Not only that, but studies show there is a clear link between high-quality design and website credibility. Simply put, people trust websites that look and feel good.

Our visual artists are strong in design and will craft you an online presence that you’ll be proud to show off to the world.

A smooth user experience that impresses your visitors

When your website is designed with a focus on providing a positive user experience, you end up with a valuable asset that is easy for your visitors to access, understand and navigate.

A good user experience fulfills your visitor’s needs, leaving a good impression of your business and showing that you care about your customers.

This leads to increased customer satisfaction and reinforces brand loyalty, which translates to more sales and profits for you.

Our seasoned website designers are skilled in creating exceptional user experiences that achieve your marketing objectives while satisfying your visitors’ needs.

Proven strategies to achieve your marketing objectives

If you want your website to help generate income for your business instead of just being a glorified money pit, it needs to be designed around strategic marketing objectives.

Common marketing objectives for websites include attracting prospects, capturing qualified leads, persuading people to make purchases, establishing and reinforcing positive associations with your business, and building brand loyalty.

We integrate all aspects of successful marketing strategies into your online presence – from website design to search engine optimization (SEO), email campaigns, online advertising, and more.

When I need new leads for my business, I go to Erick. He is always able to deliver and his lead quality is very impressive.

Gregory Brooks
CEO - SearchTides

Erick is known in the SEO industry as one of the greats. He’s a leader, an innovator and truly an expert in lead generation. While most marketers talk about high returns, Erick is DOING it. I would recommend him and his company any day.

Gustav Seidl
CEO - SwixOne

Erick has been nothing but amazing to my company! With an outstanding passion for his work and a commitment to core values that include high integrity, Erick’s SEO knowledge is like no other. I highly recommend his services if you want to take your business to the next level.

Jenesis Jones
CEO, Genesis Dynamics Enterprises

Erick is one of the most reliable and knowledgeable SEOs out there. When I say he knows he stuff, he REALLY knows his stuff. After consulting together on a project, I was blown away by Erick’s skill at not just “ranking” his clients, but constructing a complete digital strategy for his clients. If you’re on the fence about hiring Erick, then I would suggest you make the move and hire him.

Mike Cahill
The Other Stories Podcast

Erick is one of the true, unique thought leaders in the SEO industry. He is very giving us his time and knowledge to educate business owners beyond the standard talking points. In an industry wrought with large companies taking advantage of business owners, Erick is a stand up guy worth having a genuine conversation about your business goals.

Jace Campbell

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