Finally... Marketing Simplified.

According to the SBA, 1/3 of new businesses fail within 2 years, and half don't make it past their 5th year.

The success of your business ultimately depends on your marketing ability.

But many business owners find the vast and complex world of marketing daunting... technologically challenging... confusing... overwhelming. 

MyTools simplifies it... and makes it fun.


MyTools web-based marketing app...

  •  Shows you at a glance exactly where you stand and how effective your marketing is being  
  •  Guides you in developing winning strategies that will work for your specific business  
  •  Helps you coordinate, track and manage all your marketing assets in one place

Grow your business with your Growth Funnel...

MyTools Growth Funnel

And build up a solid Pillar of Marketing Success...

MyTools Pillar of Marketing Success

Get your marketing on track... be that business that out-performs the rest. 

MyTools is currently in limited release. We will be opening up more slots soon. Be one of the next lucky businesses to get invited in:

"I developed MyTools to give my clients a better understanding of their marketing, and to help get them into the driver's seat when it comes to improving website traffic, capturing leads, and converting those leads into paying customers. MyTools guides you through the process of establishing and maintaining reliable and predictable marketing systems that will stabilize and grow your business."

Peter Havranek - Founder and CEO, magIMPACT

Groove in good habits for marketing success...

Log in to MyTools regularly

Log in to MyTools regularly (at least once a week, and ideally daily) and check your marketing Overview screen. You will see at a glance the current state of your marketing.

Check your Growth Funnel

On the Overview screen, check your Growth Funnel and note which levels of the funnel could use improvement. This funnel shows which areas are growing and which are declining. You can detect and correct a slump long before it happens.

Detect areas that need improvement

Click on the level in your Growth Funnel that needs the most attention, and then click the "Analyze Your..." button at the bottom of the pop-up window. This will take you to the Analyze screen, where you can view detailed analytics related to that level of the Growth Funnel.

Get a clear view of what's happening

On the Analyze screen, look over the analytics and read the information next to each analytic to get an idea of what can be done to improve your results. From this you can work out a plan of attack for improving whatever needs improving.

Discover workable solutions

Visit the Strategize screen and explore the resources, tools and checklist items to help you create a plan for successfully improving the area you're wanting to handle. Use the "Assign" buttons to assign resources, tools, and checklist items to yourself and/or your staff for implementation.

Discuss your strategic plans

Discuss your ideas and plans with your staff or with your magIMPACT Success Manager using the Note Board in the sidebar on the Strategize screen. Ask questions, get feedback, and get team agreement on the exact plan you want to execute.

Implement successful strategies

Work on your To-Do List on the Execute screen to implement your plan. If you need assistance with executing your plan, contact your magIMPACT Success Manager using the "Talk to Us" messaging system on the Work Area tab.

Monitor your results... and grow!

After implementing your marketing plan, analyze your results on the Overview and Analyze screens. Repeat the above steps and create additional plans to continue improving your results... and growing your business!

Don't miss out... get in control of your marketing!

MyTools is currently in limited release. We will be opening up more slots soon.