Is your PTO website making life easier?

Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar:

  • Getting parents to volunteer is not an easy feat
  • Membership numbers are low… or downright abysmal
  • You’re literally doing everything yourself due to lack of interest and volunteers
  • It’s frustrating that parents and teachers aren’t attending meetings
  • You find yourself defending your PTO to complaining parents
  • It can sometimes be a real struggle, and you have to keep reminding yourself you’re doing it for the kids

Running a successful PTO benefits teachers, parents… and especially the kids. And it can be a very rewarding experience.

But let’s face it — it comes with more than its fair share of challenges and frustrations.

And, if you’re like most PTOs, your website isn’t really helping…

I mean, it’s well-intentioned and is better than nothing. But it’s falling a bit short of its potential.

Am I right?

Here’s what your website can do…

A functional and well-designed website can help boost your PTO’s reputation by making parents feel well-informed and included.

The purpose of technology is to help overcome the difficulties and challenges of life, such as those inherent in running a PTO. Your website has the potential to be a real asset and resource for parents and teachers — one that they truly appreciate and use.

But most PTO websites don’t live up to this potential. And it’s especially difficult if you don’t have tech-savvy people on board in your PTO.

If you were able to tap into the full potential of the latest online technology, you could improve the reputation of your PTO and increase engagement of parents by…

…having a beautiful website that becomes a real and desired resource for parents and teachers…

…staying in better communication with parents and teachers…

…improving coordination of events, activities and volunteer opportunities

…making it easier for parents to make payments for memberships, donations, events, etc.

You can get all these benefits for your PTO by upgrading to a magIMPACT PTO website.

Imagine what life would be like if parents were better informed… and complained less. If they became more engaged and more willing to actively participate in PTO-related activities.

What would it be like if your website could make it easier to coordinate events, activities, memberships, and volunteer sign-ups… and to collect payments?

Take a look at these screenshots to get an idea of what a PTO website from magIMPACT can do for your organization:

Improve communication

Screenshot of PTO website homepageKeep parents informed by posting all the latest information they need to know on your website’s “Latest News” feed.

Screenshot of PTO latest newsPost all your events on a central calendar, and have a notification box on the home page that displays a reminder of upcoming events.

Screenshot of the PTO calendar featureBuild up and manage an email mailing list, and send out regular emails keeping parents informed of all the latest happenings and other important information.

Screenshot of PTO social media integrationLink to your social media accounts, and you can even embed your Facebook feed on your home page.

Screenshots of PTO members only pagesKeep your PTO activities transparent for all members — but not the entire world. You can designate certain webpages (meeting minutes, financials, etc.) to be accessible by members only.

Showing the PTO website on all popular screen sizesMake it possible for parents to stay in the loop no matter what device they have handy — laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Your responsive website will look great on all screen sizes.

Add convenience

Screenshot of PTO RSVP featureKnow ahead of time what kind of turnout you can expect at events and activities. Parents and families can RSVP for events directly on your website.

Screenshot of PTO events to your calendarParents can stay on top of activities by easily adding events from your PTO calendar to their own calendar.

Screenshot of Volunteer page and signupsYou can never have enough volunteers. Make it easy for parents to browse through volunteer opportunities and register for the ones they’re interest in — all right there on your website.

Screenshot of PTO Online Payment forms
Screenshot of PTO ticket salesCollecting payments for membership dues, activities, events, etc. can be a challenging undertaking. Make it easier for you and for parents by accepting payments online through your website.

Screenshots of PTO Student DirectoryMaintaining an up-to-date student directory is tedious work. Why not let families update their own information with an online student directory? The full directory is conveniently accessible to all registered users, and they can update their own information as needed.

Make your life easier

PTO websites from magIMPACT are:

  • Beautifully designed to maximize visual appeal and ease of use
  • Easy to maintain—updating your content is a breeze
  • Fully supported by responsive and helpful Success Managers at magIMPACT

Take a look at our sample website:
ACME School PTO (click here to view)

Looks great, right? And it’s an amazing resource for your entire school.

We guarantee it!

We promise your parents and teachers will love your new website…

…and that they will find it to be a valuable resource…

…and that it will make life easier for you and your membership.

But what if something just doesn’t quite click and you’re not fully satisfied? No worries — let us know anytime within 90 days of placing your order and we’ll give you a full no-hassle refund.



…what do you say? Let’s do it!

Make life better for everyone associated with your PTO with an awesome new website.

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