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Create a website that gets results

Creating Content for an Amazing Business Website that Actually Gets Results

Free Bonus: Click here to get instant access to my FREE step-by-step action guide to help you in creating a website for your business that’s amazing (includes the text of this article plus simple action steps to assess and improve your own website). Practically everything there is to know about creating a website for your … Continue reading Creating Content for an Amazing Business Website that Actually Gets Results

The Golden Gate Bridge

Aesthetically Speaking… About Your Business

Artists and philosophers throughout the centuries have studied art in its various forms to discover what evokes a thoughtful or emotional response. Your company’s logo, and other ways you communicate your brand, need not be museum-worthy, but it’s definitely in your best interest to consider how it “speaks” to your customers.

Grow Affinity with Your Customers

4 Key Factors to Build Affinity and Drive Sales

Minimizing costs is a logical approach to running your small business. At the same time, skimping on marketing and promotion is not a successful strategy. How do you find the sweet spot—where you can minimize costs and still promote your business successfully? Learn more…

Branding Cows

Branding: It’s Not Just for Cattle

What’s branding to a small business? It’s much more than a logo—or, for that matter, a hot iron on a side of beef. How can you build a successful brand that also builds relationships with consumers? Read more to find out!

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