Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

Create a New Event Sign-up

  1. Hover over the section name in the sidebar, “Sign-Up Sheets”, and click on “Add New”.
  1. The “ADD Sign-Up Sheet” screen will appear. Enter a title for the event and event type. Select the event type of “Single”, “Recurring”, “Multi-day”, or “Ongoing” that matches your event needs.
  1. The website will automatically send reminder emails to the volunteers who signed up. Enter a number for a desired days before you want a reminder email sent. You can send up to 2 reminder emails per event.
  1. Leave the next four options as is to maintain the current functionality on your site.
  2. Add the chair name(s) and email(s) to the contact section and a description. The description will display on the sign-up page.
  1. Click “Save Sheet” button to save the sheet.
  2. You are now on the “Tasks” page, where you can add all the tasks that are needed for the event. It can be as simple as one task for 4 volunteers or 12 tasks for 100 volunteers. If the event is a single day event, add your date at the top. If your event is for multiple days, you add the date with the individual task.
  1. The main fields on the tasks page are for individual tasks. Each task has a task/item name, number of people needed, a start time and end time.
  1. If volunteers can sign up for tasks with overlapping time, click “Allow Duplicates?”. If you need volunteers to add additional information with sign up, click the “Details Needed?” field, and you can make details required.
  1. If you need to add additional information for the volunteers to know, click the “Add/Edit Task Description” link and an extra field appears to add more information.
  1. To add additional tasks, click the “+” button at the end of an existing field. To remove a task field, click the “-” button.
  2. To save, click the “Save” button below the task fields.

View/Manage Volunteers

  1. Hover over the section name in the sidebar, “Sign-Up Sheets”, and click on “All Sheets”.
  1. Find the sheet you want to view in the list, hover over it, and click on “View Sign-ups”.
  2. The page displays all the sign-ups and slots still available on the page. There are many powerful features to sort and filter the lists.
  1. To create a PDF of the list, click the “Save as PDF” button at the top of the page.
  2. To create an Excel file of the list, click the “Export to Excel” button. For a spreadsheet that is not Excel, click the “Export to CSV”.

Add/Edit volunteers

  1. To manually add a sign-up, click on the “+” in the “Actions” column. On the add screen, you can either select a website user name, or start typing a name and a list of names will appear. Select the checkbox so the user will receive an email of the sign-up. Click “Save”.
  1. To remove a sign-up, click the trash can icon in the “Actions” column.

Embed Single Sign-up Form on a Page

  1. On the page you want to insert the volunteer sign-up form, click on the “+” button. Select the “Shortcode” item.
  1. Enter the following text into the shortcode field.
[pta_sign_up_sheet id=""]
  1. On the Volunteer sign-up page, hover over the list you want to embed. When the link appears at the bottom of the screen, make a note of the “id” number.
  1. Insert the number into the shortcode.
  1. Save your changes by clicking “Update” in the upper right corner. The individual list is now viewable and able to sign up on the page.
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