Website Menus & Sidebar

Add to a Menu

  1. Hover over the section name in the sidebar, “Appearance”, and click on “Menus”.
  1. In the dropdown menu, select the menu you want to edit, either “Main Menu” (the top menu in header of website), “Quick Links” (in footer), “Resources for New Families” (in footer). Then click the “Select” button. NOTE: Do not edit the “Utility Login Logout” menu, as this could break links to login and logout.
  1. Your menu is visible on the page. The pages are arranged in blocks.
  2. Add a page in the “Pages” panel on the left side of the screen, you can click a checkbox on the “Most Recent” tab, the “View All” tab, or the “Search” tab. Click “Add to menu” when you’ve selected all the pages you desire to add.
  1. Click and hold on a menu to position it in the desired order. To make a submenu item, click and hold the box a little more to the right, and it will be a submenu item to the parent page.
  1. Click “Save Menu” to save changes.

Edit Sidebar Graphics

  1. Hover over the section name “Appearance” in the sidebar, and click on “Widgets”.
  1. On the right side of the “Widgets” screen, find the “Primary Sidebar” box, and click the down arrow to view the contents.
  1. Find the block you want to edit, and click on the arrow to view. You can edit the Title (which is the text that appears at the bottom of the graphic), the image, and the link.
  1. Once you have made your changes, click “Save” in the lower right corner.

Add Sidebar Graphic

  1. On the “Widgets” page, on the left side, find the “Image” block. Click on it, and select “Primary Sidebar”, and click “Add Widget”.
  1. The new image block will be in the Primary Sidebar block. Click on the Primary Sidebar block, and find the new Image block, add the desired title, image, and link. Click “Save”.
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